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What is Long Term Care Medicaid In Idaho?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Long-Term Care is used many ways, but Idaho Medicaid uses this term to include several different situations. This can be a Rehab facility after surgery, and the recovery ends up being longer than expected. Sometimes, your family member intended to return home, but ended up needing on-going Skilled Nursing provided in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), also sometimes called a Nursing Home.

Another category of Long-Term Care might be a Memory Care or Alzheimer's Unit. In this case, your loved one is protected from wandering or from injuring herself, because of cognition and memory issues.

A less intensive level of Long-Term Care is a Residential Assisted Living Facility (RALF). This is when someone may be mostly independent, but moves into a facility that provides basic med management, housekeeping services, and usually includes meal preparation. These often cost about half as much as a Skilled Nursing Facility.

The most basic form of Long-Term Care recognized by Medicaid is In-Home Care. This would be care provided by a non-medical aid,that would come into the home to assist in activities like meal preparation, dressing, bathing, and sometimes some light house keeping.

To qualify for any of these services, and have Medicaid help pay for these services, there are both medical and financial criteria that must be met.

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