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Medicaid Plans

When we think of Elder-Care Medicaid, we are really talking about financial assistance for care in three specific settings: In-Home Care, Residential Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Facility.

In-Home Care

We all agree that it is best for everyone to be able to stay independent as long as possible, as long as our loved-one can remain SAFE.  As our health declines, having some assistance in the home can extend our years of independence.

Usually, these services are tied to daily functions - things like meal preparation and feeding, assistance dressing, a bath attendant, assistance moving from room to room, medication management, etc.

Residential Assisted Living

Some prefer to live in a Residential Assisted Living facility instead of trying to manage at home.  In this setting, you might live in a private or semi-private room but have access to meals served in a common dining room.  You might also receive services like bath attendant, light house-keeping, and medication management.

It provides peace-of-mind that staff and perhaps a nurse is nearby to check on you.  While this does cost more than in-home services, with Medicaid, you would pay a portion of your income and Medicaid would pay the difference.  This would include your Rent, Utilies, Food and any additional daily assistance and medical care.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing might be for someone who requires more medical assistance.  Like the Residential Assisted Living, you would have meals prepared for you, and access to activities with other seniors. The main difference is that there are Nurses scheduled to be available around the clock.

Many facilities contain both Residential Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing services in the same building.  Transitioning from one to the other as health needs demand is less traumatic, as your loved one is still in the same building and cared for by the same staff.

Skilled Nursing services can be quite expensive.  With Medicaid, you would pay most of your monthly income towards your care, and Medicaid would pay the difference.


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