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  • John Todd

“Honey, The IRS just called . . .”

Now that we are in tax season, I was wondering who has gotten a call from the IRS like this:

IRS: Hi this is the IRS calling. I was reviewing your tax return, and it appears that you could have saved some money by taking a certain deduction. Would you like an opportunity to review this before we process your tax return?

I KNOW for sure, that I’ve never received a call like that . . . and I’ve never heard of anyone else getting that call either.

Now there are times I have prepared my own taxes.

I even took the training through one of the major tax-prep companies and prepared taxes for OTHERS for a few years.

But as the years have passed, and my taxes have gotten more complex, and I don’t like taking the time to study it out every year, I’ve gone to HIRING somebody to do my taxes.

Somebody that has studied the rules.

Somebody that has the resources at hand to look up the answer to unusual situations

Somebody that does it day after day, and can think through all the options without having to guess.


I got to thinking about the Elder Care Medicaid consulting I do for families that are facing Nursing Home bills – sometimes $9,000 PER MONTH.

That is a lot more than I pay in taxes!

That’s why I’m so surprised that people just let just ANYONE help them apply for Long-Term Care Medicaid:

The social worker at the Nursing Home

The state Medicaid office

Their friend or neighbor

Medicaid rules are about as convoluted as TAX rules.

Many time an expert in another area would just be guessing when it comes to following the rules to MAXIMIZE the savings and MINIMIZE the amount of time it takes to get approved.

That’s what I do – Elder Care Financial / Medicaid Consulting.

You see, I worked for 5 years in the Long-Term Care Medicaid office.

I reviewed hundreds – probably thousands of applications, and had to apply the rules to approve or deny Nursing Home Medicaid.

I helped train new employees.

I received awards from the Director of Health and Welfare for providing efficiencies to our work-flow.

And now, I provide that service in the private sector, helping families know how to follow the rules to get approved sooner and to save more!

I’d love to hear about the ONE BIG QUESTION you have about Elder Care Options or Long-Term Care Medicaid.

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