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I’d LOVE to play slow-motion Ping-Pong . . . With a government office. NOT!!

In High School and my first year of college, I played table-tennis quite a bit. I never was among the best of the best, but I could usually keep up enough to make the game fun and challenging.

It was interesting to see each person develop their own style of play. Some liked a really fast game and focused on SLAMS. Others like to slow things down, and often focused on mastering different spins.

Sometimes you could guess the style of player based on the paddle that he brought to the game. If it was a hard paddle, maybe just board with sandpaper attached, you knew it was going to be FAST play. If the paddle had a soft smooth rubber surface, it meant that you better be watching for the spins.

Every once in a while, someone brand-new wanted to play.

They didn’t know how to hold the paddle . . .

They didn’t know how to serve the ball . . .

They didn’t know how to anticipate which way the ball would bounce . . .

They had no idea why the ball would go into the net one time, and the very next time they hit the ball it would go off the end of the table (those crazy spins, right!).

As beginners, they had to play a slowed down version of ping-pong.


When your family needs Nursing Home care, sometimes it is an emergency. Maybe the hospital is ready to discharge, and mom can’t come home, and there is no place to put her. Or if she were accepted to a facility, they would want a deposit from $5k - $10K right up front.

As the pressure mounts, it makes you want to scream, “WE NEED HELP RIGHT NOW!”

But the government office doesn’t work on a “right now” schedule. They have a certain sequence of steps that they follow. And they have thousands of customers, so your emergency does not make it an emergency for them.

If you call, you’ll wait on hold . . .

If you email information, the mail team takes 3 days to process . . .

Once the information is available to the “decision maker,” it will be worked in the order received. . .

And if it is a busy time of the year, they might get to your work in 10 days, and they might not . . .

And that is just the INITIAL contact. If they need more information, they’ll send you a letter . .

If they don’t get the information they want quick enough, they’ll inform you that your case is closed . . .

AND the office is only open 8-5, so if you have questions, but you are at work . . . well, too bad!

The whole Medicaid application process can turn into a long PING-PONG match – except it is very slow motion.

This is exactly why some people benefit from hiring a Medicaid consultant.

FIRST, we have a pretty good idea of what Medicaid will need, so we can help you get it the first time.

SECOND, we know that there are TIMELINES that affect Medicaid eligibility. For example, if you have too many assets on the first moment of the month, you will lose Medicaid for the entire month! One little timing error here could cost you about $10,000 in Nursing Home bills.

THIRD, we are working on Medicaid Cases all day every day. We speak their language. We can call Medicaid during business hours.

Finally, we are ALSO available to our customers . . . by phone. . . by email . . . Answering questions and coaching to the “next step” needed to get approved FASTER while SAVING MORE.

Confused about the process? Why not let us help?

If you have a question, I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like a FREE telephone consultation to learn more about your options, just email or call us at 208-553-8634.

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