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Grandmother and Grandson

Who is John Todd?

John Todd worked for the State of Idaho – Health and Welfare 14 years. The last 5 years, he specialized in the Long-Term Care Medicaid Office. This team had about 8 workers that processed ALL the Medicaid Applications for Nursing Home Care.

He learned the complex laws and rules around Long-Term Care Medicaid and was at the top of the team. John was assigned special projects, received recognition from the director, etc. but THAT is not what is important. . .

What’s important is, he discovered the LEGAL PROVISIONS to help families preserve assets.

When John began to show families how they could preserve more of their assets and get approval more quickly, his supervisor told him, “You CAN’T coach the family. You can only answer the questions that they ask!”

Soon, John left the Medicaid office to help families preserve assets and qualify for Medicaid more quickly.

And everything is above board – “according to the rules.” Medicaid is informed all along the way. 

John believes that FAMILIES can choose best, when they know their options.

You can join the families that have saved the inheritance AND provided quality care for their loved one. 

  • Start with a free consultation 

  • Develop a personalized plan

  • Execute the plan, or, 

  • If needed, hire John to work with you and represent you through the Medicaid process.


Connect with John:

PH: 208-553-8634

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