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  • John Todd

I want to give . . . to my daughter

We’ve all heard that “It is more Blessed to give than to receive.”

Growing up in a household of 9 kiddos we never received huge gifts for Christmas. Usually, mom and dad bought each kid one “nice” present worth maybe $25 each. Then we would draw names and often make gifts for someone in the family.

Many youngsters think that it is WAY better to get gifts, than spending some of their meager funds on someone else.

But as time goes on, many of us out-grow that “Give me” attitude.

We get jobs and begin earning enough to buy what we need . . . and then buy what we don’t need . . . and then accumulate piles of “stuff” that we hardly use at all.

When it comes to Christmas or a Birthday, there really is nothing that we need. In fact, PEOPLE become more important than the stuff they bring us.

But helping someone else – now THAT is a different story.

It always warms our heart to be able to surprise someone with a gift – a boost – when they were least expecting it.


This week, I was working with a lady that is in the nursing home. They have finally decided to sell the house, and she will be receiving some extra money that she hasn’t had for a while.

Do you know what her first request was?

“I would really like to send a gift of several thousand dollars to my daughter!”

As I talked with her, I reminded her that Medicaid has rules, and gifting can be a TRAP if you don’t know what you are doing. . .

I reminded her that there are some things that she should be thinking about for herself . . .

. . . things like paying for her final services (funeral or cremation),

. . . or maybe something she needs, like a new laptop or recliner chair.

After studying the numbers and reviewing the Medicaid rules, I THINK we are going to be able to plan for almost everything on her list – But the MAIN thing is, she is going to be able to GIFT some money to her daughter, and STILL re-qualify for Medicaid in a few months.

Please NOTE:

Giving away your assets (whether money or car or house) involves ADVANCED MEDICAID PLANNING TECHNIQUES.

This is not a Do-It-Yourself type of project.

The GOOD NEWS is that is what I do for families EVERY month.

Have you wondered about GIFTING Options? I’d love to hear your story and how it turned out.

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